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More than just hands-free.

Wireless Footswitch for Spark Amp & App


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Spark Control

Customizable, future-proof wireless control for the Spark amp and app.

Spark Control goes beyond traditional foot controllers with an expanding library of innovative features and functions. No complicated setups. No cables required.

Seamless. Wireless.

Seamlessly designed for the Spark amp and app, Spark Control is a true plug-and-play, wireless experience. Simply open your Spark app and they will work magically together, so you can play without lifting a finger.

Deep Customization. Wonderful.

Spark Control comes with 4 officially pre-programmed customizable scenarios that assign a combination of popular functions to each footswitch. Plus, save your favorite functions to 4 more of your own scenarios for easy access whenever you want to play.

Current functions include these, with more on the way!

Assign and change presets
Assign and toggle effects
Start, stop, and pause music / backing tracks and Smart Jam
Control features in our Experience Jimi Hendrix Expansion

Long Life Battery.

Spark Control’s battery is designed to keep going for more than 4 months on a single charge (with 1 hour of average daily playtime). Enjoy longer guitar practice sessions and never miss a beat with Spark Control.


Spark Control is the only pedal compatible with future Spark firmware & app updates.